Advanced Ray Tracing II
Position of Wear Calculation Technology II

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Advanced Ray Tracing II technology is the new version of the Advanced Ray Tracing technology, which forms the basis of Eyeart personalized designs, updated according to the latest innovations. This technology includes the user's accommodation power into the calculations in order to minimize the oblique deviations that occur on the lens surface as a natural result of progressive surface designs. Thus, it provides users with an excellent view from the entire lens surface.

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Advantages of Advanced Ray Tracing II Technology

  • Wider visibility ranges

  • Virtually eliminates peripheral turbidity

  • More precise and comfortable vision

  • Increased comfort at all distances

  • Increased comfort when using digital devices

  • The perceived power distributions in each viewing direction remain constant regardless of the surface geometry.

  • Offers extra comfort for users with high prescription power

  • Provides extra comfort for users of large or curved frames