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EyeArt Gözlük Camı

"The SPECTACLE Lenses"
"Ophthalmic Lenses"

Crystal Clear
Luminous and Transparent

Protection Against
The Harm of Blue Light

Art on
Vision Technology

Brand Awareness

  • What is important is not the name, but the meaning it carries.

    • We care about our brands since the name of our products appear on them.

    • We are aware that the benefits which our products offer, increase the value of our brands.

    • We have well-known brands because we manufacture high quality products.

    • Guarantees we offer under the warranty conditions of our products are an indication of the trust we put on our brands.

  • The most important factor that establishes a brand is the quality.

    • Raw materials and technologies we use in the production of Rx lenses conform to international standards.

    • We use the latest production systems designed by advanced technology companies (Satisloh).

  • High pricing is not necessarily an indication for the quality thereof.

    • All of our brands for the products offered by Akay Optik, our local manufacturer, and Opak Lens operating with a local capital as a distributor of stock lenses are registered in the name of our 100% local companies.  We price our products without adding a “brand premium”.

    • Always keep in mind that when you prefer a global brand, you will pay a higher price for the same quality.  Today, almost all the lenses under the European and American brands are manufactured at factories in China. It should not be forgotten that when a user prefers a global brand, they pay a higher price for the same quality, and also contribute to the increase of domination of foreign capital companies in our country, which repress the growth of local investors.

  • Among the products of Opakay are many ophthalmic lenses that are the first and only in Turkey. We are proud of the fact that there are such brands which are known for their great technologies and features among our fully local brands.​