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Crystal Clear Vision
With New Carbon Surface Technology


New Carbon Surface Technology
Biomedix Crystal is manufactured using “Carbon Surface Technology” used for electrostatic touch screens.

Ultra hydrophobic coating eliminates the reflection on the lens surface due to its perfect level of light transmittance; offering a maximum level of visibility and comfort.

Effect of Lily Pads

Nanoscale hydrophobic coating which is used for preventing the environmental air pollution and condensation, is designed inspired by the effect of lily pads having natural dirt-resistance and water repellency features.

Effect of lily pads is a property of the leaves of lotus (botanical name: nelumbo) also known as water lilies. As an outcome of the ultra-hydrophobicity, it offers self-cleaning properties. Dirt particles are collected by water drops due to microscopic and nanoscopic architecture on the surface of the leaf, which minimizes the adhesion of drops on the surface. Surface of Biomedix Crystal is designed by the effect of lily pads.

Super Clear

Biomedix Crystal lenses manufactured of special materials with carbon surface technology are clearer and more transparent.

UV Protection

Lens material has an UV interface resistant to UV-A and UV-B.


Manufactured with double-coating technology against radiation.

Super Resistant

Successfully passes steel wool 1000 friction tests.


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