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A Brand that is Special from A to Z for Custom Production : EyeArt

There are multi-focal, bi-focal and mono-focal sets of products available under the tailor-made lens brand of Opakay: EyeArt. There are models with many different features specially designed for different requirements in these sets of products. After the model is chosen considering the features requested, measures are taken from the user for tailor-made lenses under the brand EyeArt.

The term “customized” under the brand EyeArt means that lenses are not manufactured according to certain standard parameters, but considering the measurements and the frame chosen by the user. Production of lenses specially designed for the user starts with the choice of the model and, continues with the necessary measurements. This process continues with the production at the factory based on these measurements and, completes when the lenses are assembled on the frame. During this process, the optician and the production team work together as a team.


Choice of a suitable frame requires the identification of the requirements of the user. Production parameters are identified based on the measurements taken by the optician using various methods for the choice of a suitable frame, how it fits on the face and, the focalization. In the light of this information, the products under the brand EyeArt are manufactured using the world’s most quality materials with a high standard design software program and a high standard machinery system at the world’s quality standards.

Everything You Would Like To Know About EyeArt

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