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Template For Frame Wrap Angle

A Success Criterion in Production


Consideration of the frame wrap angle in the design of ophthalmic lens is of great importance for the performance of all personalized FreeForm multifocal and single focus lenses, especially EyeArt Premium (Normal and Sport) and EyeArt Master HD (Normal and Sport).


The more precise this angle is taken and transferred to our production department, the higher the success rate in ophthalmic lens adoption by the user.


  1. Please download the pdf copy given above and press it on the paper in one-to-one size.

  2. Open the frame handles.

  3. Place the frame upside down on the template so that the top of the frame fits over the template

  4. The template that best matches the bent of the frame will give you the Wrap Angle of the Frame. (Please ignore the base of the glasses in this measurement.) 

  5. If the angle of your frame is between 25 degrees and 30 degrees, for example, you can give the angle as 27.5 degrees.