EyeArt Edging Lens Guide for Optians


Comfort Usage of Tailor Made Lenses
is Only Possible With Accurate Edging

Opakay has multifocal, monofocal and bifocal “customized” lenses under EyeArt brand.

Customized definition of optical lenses is not based on certain standard parameters of production,
but it is based on the values ​​determined specially of the face and the frame chosen by the user. It means that the lenses are tailor-made produced for the needs and the measuremenets of the user.

The comfortable use of ophthalmic lenses produced with the latest technology in our RX Laboratory by the user is only possible by optician's applying the lenses well to the frame.
Every work done by the optician from the moment the user receives the prescription is important for the user to get the maximum benefit from the lens to be manufactured specifically for him.
After choosing the ophthalmic lens model suitable for the customer's needs and requests, the frame should be selected. Following the selection of the appropriate frame, the optician takes the measurements of the user to carry the frame on the face with various methods and tools and transfers this information to the our RX Laboratory together with the prescription.
The information in this section is for opticians only. The necessary information, facilitating method and details regarding these measurements, which require very sensitivity and care, are presented in this section as a guide that can be seen quickly.