RX Order Processes

Cancellations and Returns

RX Order Cancellations

  • An order may be cancelled without a charge only if no treatment has been processed on the raw materials. In case of a FreeForm order, your order may be canceled without a charge if the design has not been made. For the cancellation of an order for RX lenses, it is advisable that the cancellation request must be made within 30 minutes.

  • Half of the list price will be invoiced if the order is in the phase of production.

Return of RX Lenses

  • Lenses that are to be returned due to a claim for manufacturing defect must be sent in pair even one of them is in perfect condition.

  • Reason for return must be sent in written form.

  • Defects and scratches due to use are not under the scope of warranty.

  • Scratches and deformations on the cut lenses are not under the scope of warranty.

  • Cut lenses may not be returned.

  • Please semd multifocal lenses for inspection by following the instructions below;

    1. The lenses should be mounted on the frame.

    2. The pupilla distance and montage height for both left and right lenses should be indicated seperately.

    3. If there is a visual problem complaint, it should be indicated clearly whether far distance, middle distance or near distance.

  • A report is issued for the customer once the required inspections on the lenses have been completed.​

  • In case a manufacturing-related problem is identified as a result of these inspections, the returned lenses are replaced with new ones in 3 days if the raw materials are available in the stocks. Old lenses will not be returned to the customer.

  • Any complaints not reported within 6 business days will not be assessed.