Stable View Technology
Controlling Unwanted Cylinder Power Technology

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Stable View technology is the latest technology in FreeForm surface designs. This technology ensures that the undesired astigmatic power on the lens surface is kept under control. It also regulates the changes of avarage power in peripheral fields.

Unstable peripheral vision, and visual fluctuation named «swim effect» which is felt especially in motion are the elements that most affect user satisfaction and make adaptation difficult in progressive lenses.


Lenses designed with Stable View technology offer the user a sharper, more balanced and natural vision. In addition, it provides excellent comfort and user satisfaction by regulating the undesired average power change, which has an important role in swim effect feeling.

Stable View 01.PNG
Stable View 01.PNG

Advantages of Stable View Technology

  • Reduces swim effect considerably.

  • Increases peripheral visual acuity