Surfacing Technology

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FreeForm is a fabrication and surfacing technology for the lenses.

EyeArt ophthalmic lenses are produced by using FreeForm technology.

During a conventional production, numbers are processed on the lens surface in two dimensions (vertical –horizontal). 
In FreeForm technology, the numbers are processed on the lens surface in 3-dimensions, i.e. pixel by pixel

Today, almost all the companies use the FreeForm technology for the manufacturing of their products. But we should keep in mind that FreeForm is a surface processing technology. It provides us information on how the lenses are processed. The main criterion is the software which is used, determining the quality of the lenses and the width of the channels.

Today, there are various softwares to produce tailor-made or semi tailor-made lenses using the FreeForm technology. Based on this software, the far – medium – near zones of the lenses are rearranged according to the daily requirements of the users.

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In conventional production
the blurred area of the ophthalmic lenses are larger.

Therefore, the user needs to make certain head movements
to make their vision clearer.

In FreeForm production
wearing the lens is much more comfortable
since the vision area has been developed.

Number of correcctive head movements
are reduced
thanks to the wider visual areas.