Safran Blue- Smart Blue Light Filter Coating

Blue Light Coating

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  • It filters “High Energy Visible Light” over 30% between 380 - 420 nm.

  • It balances the circadian rhythm that regulates the sleep cycle by filtering the light at a wavelength of 450 nm at a level of 13 percent, emitted from digital screens.

  • It provides a transparent and clear view with 99.8 percent transmittance at wavelengths of 500 nm and above.

  • It prevents disturbing reflections with the anti-reflection coating on its inner surface.

  • It holds less dust with its specially reinforced Anti Static - EMI layer. Lenses stay cleaner longer.

  • It provides high resistance against scratches with ion-reinforced hardened layers.

  • Super Hydrophobic - With its oleophobic layer, it does not hold water, oil and fingerprints, and provides easy cleaning.

  • UV 400 provides full protection. (UV protection varies depending on the material.1.50 index UV 400 protection can be done with a special process if desired.)

  • Special protective layer on the upper surface of the coating that prevents axle slips during assembly.


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Harmful Light

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Our Products With Safran Blue Coating

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