Ultra Hydrophobic HM Coating

Ultra Hydrophobic Hard Multi Coating (UHMC) has some extra layers that further increase the level of comfort compared to Hard Multi Coating (HMC) coated lenses, thanks to its super hydrophobic feature just like those available on the Super Hydrophobic Hard Multi Coating (SHMC). In addition, since they are manufactured using the Carbon Coating Technology, they have the features intended to increase the level of clarity of the lenses and, maximize the level of comfort


Biomedix Crystal are the unique UHMC coated lenses in the portfolio of Opakay in Turkey there is also a hydrophobic layer in addition to the HMC coating just like those in the SHMC coated lenses.

In addition to the SHMC coating, there is also a smooth crystal surface layer on the UHMC coating.

Hard Multi Coatings (HMC) provide hardness as required to make organic lenses, which are more sensitive compared to mineral lenses, more durable and strong. Hard coatings prevent organic lenses from being easily scratched. UHMC and SHMC coatings make the lenses extra resistant against scratches thanks to the hydrophobic lenses that are available thereon in addition to the HMC.

UHMC coatings applied on the different layers on the lenses of Opakay bringing different benefits also offer the AR (AntiReflective) feature. This coating called antireflective is applied on more than layers on UHMC eliminating the reflections on the lenses and thus increasing the level of light transmittance. Accordingly, the visibility quality of the user gets increased. Antireflective feature makes it easier to drive at night. Likewise, antireflective layers on UHMC make it possible to read. Antireflective lenses are important not only for the users but also those who look at the users. As there is no reflection on the surface of the lenses thanks to this antireflective feature, the eyes of the users may easily be seen

On the UHMC coatings of the Opakay lenses, there are also some layers intended to minimize the accumulation of dirt, stain and dust just like those available on the HMC and SHMC coatings. However, the smooth crystal surface layer brought by the carbon coating technology in addition to the UHMC coating further increases the performance of the protection against the accumulation of water, condensation and dirt compared to the SHMC coated lenses

All the UHMC coated Biomedix Crystal branded lenses available in the portfolio of Opakay come also with the layer of ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI). This layer filters electromagnetic waves and thus protects the eyes of the user from the harmful lights emitted from the computer monitors, TV screens and smart phones. In addition, the EMI layer also acts as and antistatic layer. It has an antistatic electric feature, which prevents airborne dust particles from sticking on the lenses.

All the UHMC coated Biomedix Crystal lenses available in the portfolio of Opakay come also with the layer of UltraViolet (UV), which provides the maximum level of protection against harmful ultra violet lights

UHMC coatings used on the Biomedix Crystal lenses of Opakay also offer an extra slickness on the surface thanks to the carbon coating technology which is also used on the screens of smart phones. Superior hydrophobic feature brought by the carbon coating technology is designed based on the “effect of lily pad” in the nature. As an outcome of the ultra-hydrophobicity, it offers self-cleaning properties.

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