HighTech AR
High-Tech Antireflective Coating

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EyeArt lenses of Opakay are manufactured with HighTech AR coating.

HighTech AR coating is of Super Hydrophobic.

  • HighTech AR coated lenses minimize the reflections, increase the level of light transmittance by about 99, providing a clearer vision. Since the reflections on the ophthalmic lenses which make it harder to see are prevented by HighTech AR, the user is provided a better visibility in particular while driving, working on PC, watching TV and studying under a fluorescent lamp.

  • HighTech AR coating makes the surface of the ophthalmic lens smooth by means of filling up the invisible micro-pores due to its highest quality of super hydrophobic layer. HighTech AR coated optical lenses have a super slippery surface.

  • HighTech AR coated ophthalmic lenses are hard to get contaminated and easy to clean. There are less dirt and fingerprints on the surface. Since these lenses require less wiping the risk of getting scratched is reduced.

  • HighTech AR coated ophthalmic lenses get less foggy. They get defogged much quicker compared to the standard coatings.

  • Ophthalmic lenses with these coatings provide a longer life compared to standard coated lenses since HighTech AR coatings are harder to get scratched than normal coatings.

  • HighTech AR coating provides an even dispersion on the whole surface of the ophthalmic lenses. This provides the same green reflection on the whole surface of the lens.

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Reflections on the standard ophthalmic lenses make it hard to see through. It makes extremely hard to see through in particular when driving at night, working on pc, watching tv and, studying on fluorescent lights.

HighTech AR coated ophthalmic lenses minimize reflections and provide clear visibility.

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HighTech AR
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