Hard Multi Coating

Hard Multi Coatings (HMC) make it possible for the users to use their lenses for a longer period and in a more comfortable manner


Hard Multi Coatings (HMC) provide hardness as required to make organic lenses, which are more sensitive compared to mineral lenses, more durable and strong. Hard coatings prevent organic lenses from being easily scratched

Hard Multi Coatings (HMC) applied on the different layers on the lenses of Opakay bringing different benefits, also offer the AR (AntiReflective) feature. This coating called antireflective is applied on more than one layers on HMC eliminating the reflections on the lenses and thus increasing the level of light transmittance. Accordingly, the visibility quality of the user gets increased. Antireflective feature makes it easier to drive at night. Likewise, antireflective layers on HMC make it possible to read. Antireflective lenses are important not only for the users but also those who look at the users. As there is no reflection on the surface of the lenses thanks to this antireflective feature, the eyes of the users may easily be seen. 

On the HMC of the Opakay lenses, there are also some layers intended to minimize the accumulation of dirt, stain and dust.

All the HMC coated lenses available in the portfolio of Opakay come also with the layer of ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI). This layer filters electromagnetic waves and thus protects the eyes of the user from the harmful lights emitted from the computer monitors, TV screens and smart phones. In addition, the EMI layer also acts as and antistatic layer. It has an antistatic electric feature, which prevents airborne dust particles from sticking on the lenses. 

All the HMC coated lenses available in the portfolio of Opakay come also with the layer of UltraViolet (UV), which provides the maximum level of protection against harmful ultra violet lights.


Our Products With HMC Coating

GP Brand With HMC Coating


GP Ultra RX Brand With HMC Coating


Frequency BlueCut With HMC Coating


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