Frequency BlueCut 1.58 ASP HMC ColorBlue
Photochromic Grey

Frequency BlueCut Color.png
Frequency BlueCut 1. 58 ASP HMC COLORBLU

General Features

  • Aspherical design, diameter of 65/70 mm, lighter and thinner by 35%.​

  • Eliminates the reflections on the lens surface and, increases the level of light transmittance due to its HMC (Hydrophobic Hard Multi Coated) features. And thus it enhances the visual quality. Reduces the formation of dirt, stain and dust.

  • Filters the harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from computer monitors, TV screens and mobile phones thanks to its EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) Layer.

  • Filters the portion of the blue light emitted from electronic devices such as TVs, computers, tablets and mobile phones that strain eyes the most, thanks to its special BlueCut technology.

  • Provides the maximum level of UV protection.

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