Safran UV- Super Hydrophobic + UV Coating

Super Hydrophobic + UV Coating

  • Redesigned optical layers with 40% less reflection than standard antireflective coatings

  • Specially reinforced AntiStatic - EMI layer that holds less dust and stays clean for a longer period of time.

  • High resistance to scratches with ion-reinforced hardened layers

  • Super Hydrophobic - With the oleophobic layer, water, oil and fingerprint proof

  • UV 400 full protection (UV protection may vary depending on the material.1.5 index UV400 protection can be done with a special process if desired.)

  • Special protective layer on the upper surface of the coating that prevents axle slips during assembly


Safran UV_Kaplama Farkı-1.jpg

It provides clear vision thanks to the redesigned optical layers that provide 40% less reflection than standard antireflective coatings.

Standard Antireflective Coating

Reflections in the lenses are especially used at night driving, working on the computer. It makes it even more difficult to see during activities such as watching TV and working under fluorescent lights.

Our Products With Safran UV Coating

GP Brand With Safran UV Coating

GP Ultra RX

EyeArt  With Safran UV Coatings

EyeArt Multifokal
EyeArt Monofocal

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