Edge Blending
Edge Production Technology


Edge Blending is a technology used to provide more comfort and better vision by means of reducing the bulge and weight during the process to thin the outer edges of the ophthalmic lenses prescribed with high negative (-) powers as manufactured using the FreeForm technology


Manufactured with
Edge Blending Technology

Edge blending olmadan.png

Manufactured without
Edge Blending Technology

​Edge Blending used for the production of EyeArt ophthalmic lenses is applied by calculating the optimum location of the reading area according to each combination of prescriptions and frames.

In addition to Edge Blending, the diagrams and images concerning the edge thinning process applied during the FreeForm production are provided below.

normal kenarli konkav cam.png

Standard Edge
Concave Lens

kenar inceltmeli konkav cam.png

Edge Thinned
Concave FreeForm Lens