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Stock Lenses
Under GP Brand

You May Always and Immediately Find Everything You Look For
in Our Portfolio of Stock Ophthalmic Lenses...

Under the brand GP of Opakay, there is a wide range of stock* lens families suitable for daily usage.

These products of different indexes and materials offer a variety of usage areas. Under the brand GP, there are both organic and mineral products.

In addition to standard ophthalmic lenses, you may find photochromic lenses, the color of which becomes transparent in an indoor area and, gets darker under the sunlight, or mirror or self-colored sunglasses under the brand GPPlus. The sub-brand GPolarize includes not only polarized colored and polarized mirror sunglasses lenses but also GPVex crack-resistant lenses.

* Each item available in the family GP consists of monofocal ophthalmic lenses, the most of them is in the category of stock lenses. As an exception, GP Ultra RX is a GP branded product conventionally manufactured as a custom production, which is monofocal ophthalmic lens, but not in the category of stock lenses.​ Therefore you can find the information about our product which is called GP Ultra RX under GP pages. It is not included in this page because this page only consists of stock lens category products.

Our Stock Lenses Under GP Brand

6. Başlık
GPPlus GPVEX 1.58