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The Importance and Benefits of Coatings
in Ophthalmic Lenses

Various coatings are applied according to the type of the ophthalmic lens and the requirements of the users.

Coatings known with various names and abbreviations offer different functions. AR-Antireflective coating, one of the most widely known coatings, is called ET in the products of some certain companies and offers a function intended to solve the problem of reflection that may occur on every lenses. Elimination of reflection allows the user to use their eyeglasses more comfortably

An organic lens provides more comfort than a lens made of glass (mineral), but requires more attention while using them since they are more sensitive and softer. Therefore, Hard Coating is used to make organic lenses durable and, this coating strengths and protects the outer surface of the lenses from scratches. Furthermore, there are some various coatings intended to offer a solution to prevent accumulation of oil, water, dust and taint on the lenses and, it is also possible to apply some spesific coatings to filter electromagnetic waves, block UV lights and, eliminate blue lights. 

It is possible to get the color of the sunglasses by applying coatings as well. Coatings are also applied to make mirror-coated lenses for sunglasses. Furthermore it is possible to get a lens with a special coating so that it gets dark under the sunlight and becomes transparent in an indoor location, which is publicly known as  photochromic in the optical industry.

The features of an ophthalmic lens listed above may be offered on the stock and tailor-made (RX) lenses of Opakay through the materials of the lenses, or the coatings of the lenses. Therefore, our website provides information under the description of each product of Opakay on whether these features are from the materials or from the coatings. The details are also given about the type of coatings.

There are three types of coatings which are called HMC, SHMC and UHMC, applied on the general use (stock) brands of Opakay such as GP, Biomedix Crystal and Frequency BlueCut

EyeArt products, our special production brand, have HighTech AR with super hydrophobic layer, Safran UV with Low Reflection, EMI anti-static (anti-dust) layer and super hydrophobic features, and Safran Blue coating options with high energy blue light filtering feature.

SAFRAN BLUE_Kaplama.jpg